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Solomon Mortar Color-H Series, in Tan (22H) Color

Kuhlman Item Number: 9100022
Manufacturer Item Number: 22H
Sold As: SK - SACK
Quantity:   Solomon Colors
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Product Overview

Solomon Mortar Color-H Series, in Tan (22H) Color
Solomon Colors Mortar Colors are available in unique pre-weighed and pre-measured amounts to assure accurate color consistency. Mortar colors are formulated to produce pleasing color shades that complement or accentuate the wide range of colors found in brick, stone and colored concrete block.

Solomon mortar colors are shipped in proportioned packages, which have been accurately pre-weighed and measured, making work at the job site faster and easier. Each individual package is designated as one-color unit. The mortar colors shown are achieved by the addition of one color unit to one bag of prepared masonry cement or weight equivalent of portland and lime mortars. Shade variations can occur due to printing limitations, difference in local cements, sand, mix design and workmanship. (See User Guide for proportioning.)

• Premeasured bags
• Available in multiple colors. Color charts are used to demonstrate the range of colors available and should not be used to select colors based on how they are viewed on a computer display.

Product NameSolomon Mortar Color-H Series, in Tan (22H) Color
Kuhlman Item Number9100022
Manufacturer NameSolomon Colors
Manufacturer Item Number 22H
Shipping Weight/Unit2 lbs
Shipping Length/Unit4 in
Shipping Width/Unit8 in
Shipping Height/Unit8 in

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