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EaCo Chem OneRestore Restoration Detergent, 5-Gallon Bucket

Kuhlman Item Number: 9426005
Sold As: EA - EACH
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Product Overview

EaCo Chem OneRestore Restoration Detergent, 5-Gallon Bucket
EaCo Chem OneRestore is a breakthrough product that provides remarkable versatility, cleaning power and safety all in one product. Capable of removing the deepest pollution stains from limestone and brick, it is also used to safely restore glass and anodized aluminum. This product can remove virtually any metal-oxide stain, including copper stains, and can be an effective coating remover. Safe for most surfaces and people, OneRestore is a great choice for cleaning and restoring buildings at colleges, schools, hospitals, government facilities, and commercial/retail properties. With a "spray on/spray off" application process, OneRestore will save hours of cleaning time versus the traditional bucket-and-brush process.

• For professional use only
• Works on multiple surfaces
• Restores many types of exterior building cladding, including limestone, terra cotta, concrete, EIFS, glass, anodized aluminum, uncoated stainless steel, brick, block, wood, cast stone, unpolished stone, exterior tile, aluminum, painted surfaces and vinyl
• Removes, cleans and de-blushes many sealers
• Excellent for removing virtually all stains, including color stains, minerals stains, and metal-oxide stains
• Low odor means it can easily be used for interior cleaning
• Spray-on/spray-off application process improves productivity
• One-product restoration simplifes the cleaning process and reduces protection requirements
• VOC compliant
• 5-gallon bucket
• Coverage rates vary from 75 - 250 square feet per gallon depending on the surface porosity, texture, and severity of staining

Product NameEaCo Chem OneRestore Restoration Detergent, 5-Gallon Bucket
Kuhlman Item Number9426005
Manufacturer NameEaCo Chem
Shipping Weight/Unit53 lbs
Shipping Length/Unit13 in
Shipping Width/Unit13 in
Shipping Height/Unit16 in

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