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Federal White Masonry Cement, Type N, 70-Pound Bag

Kuhlman Item Number: 7191070
Manufacturer Item Number: A3002
Sold As: EA - EACH
Quantity:   Federal White Cement
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Product Overview

Federal White Masonry Cement, Type N, 70-Pound Bag
Type N Federal White Masonry Cement can be used to match, contrast, and compliment the colors of masonry units, enhance the aesthetic color of a wall, or coordinate other colors in a masonry design.

Federal White Masonry Cement, when proportioned with mason sand, may be used with brick, cast stone, tile, pavers, concrete and glass block, or for stucco applications.

This product may be used for any masonry application where a white or a very light-colored masonry joint is desired. Pure white masonry mortar is obtained when used with a clean white sand. The use of local mason sands will produce a mortar color consistent with the color of the local sand.

• May be used to satisfy low alkali requirements
• 70-pound bag

Product NameFederal White Masonry Cement, Type N, 70-Pound Bag
Kuhlman Item Number7191070
Manufacturer NameFederal White Cement
Manufacturer Item Number A3002
Shipping Weight/Unit70 lbs
Shipping Length/Unit24 in
Shipping Width/Unit16 in
Shipping Height/Unit4 in

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