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Husqvarna DE-120, Dust and Slurry Extractor

Kuhlman Item Number: 9830798
Manufacturer Item Number: 970514804
Sold As: EA - EACH
Quantity:   Husqvarna
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Product Overview

Husqvarna DE-120, Dust and Slurry Extractor
This versatile HEPA dust extractor is compact and easy to transport, yet powerful. It is equipped with a user friendly HMI that monitors performance and an e-flow function that automatically adjusts the air flow, enabling stable air flow and extending intervals between filter-cleanings. Its high water protection allows fast and efficient decontamination. It also features embedded connectivity allowing you to swiftly monitor location, run-time, service and filter status along with other valuable usage data.

• 120 Volt
• E-flow system automatically adjusts air flow to prolong time between filter cleanings
• Complies with the latest H-class standards for dust extractors for heavy-duty usage.
• HEPA filter (with EN1822 certification)
• Easy to transport
• Easy to clean and maintain

Product NameHusqvarna DE-120, Dust and Slurry Extractor
Kuhlman Item Number9830798
Manufacturer NameHusqvarna
Manufacturer Item Number 970514804
Shipping Weight/Unit38 lbs
Shipping Length/Unit82 in
Shipping Width/Unit42 in
Shipping Height/Unit113 in

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