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HTC Professional FL Series 3 Resin Puck, 40 Grit

Kuhlman Item Number: 9830932
Manufacturer Item Number: 212965-3
Sold As: EA - EACH
Quantity:   HTC Professional
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Product Overview

HTC Professional FL Series 3 Resin Puck, 40 Grit
This HTC resin puck is suitable for coarse grinding of all types of concrete, terrazzo, self-leveling compound and natural stone floors. The tools have a high removal capacity resulting in maximum efficiency.

Diamonds, the hardest mineral known to man, are formed during extreme high pressure over a long period of time. Few diamonds are worthy of the FL designation - indicating flawless structure and clarity. HTC's FL Series provides the ultimate clarity and sheen for the Superfloor process - making them the only diamond series worthy of the prestigious reference. Aggressive cutting allows for full refinement, providing faster and better results of each step of the series.

To simplify the Superfloor process, grit sizes and sequencing has been removed in lieu of a simple numbering system 3-10, 3 being the more aggressive and 10 the ultimate refining tool.

HTC's FL Series steps 3, 4 and 5 are aggressive and can either be transitional tooling or first-cut tools for new projects. Steps 6 and 7 are excellent honing tools preparing the surface for clear reflectivity and high sheen created with steps 8, 9 and 10.

• New hybrid-resin technology
• Compliments the Superfloor process
• Simplifies the grinding process
• Increased performance
• Ultimate "first-cut" tool for new projects
• Dry-only grinding / polishing
• No resin transfer for a clearer, higher gloss

Product NameHTC Professional FL Series 3 Resin Puck, 40 Grit
Kuhlman Item Number9830932
Manufacturer NameHTC Professional
Manufacturer Item Number 212965-3
Shipping Weight/Unit1 lbs
Shipping Length/Unit2 in
Shipping Width/Unit1 in
Shipping Height/Unit1 in
Types40 Grit

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